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Resizes a image.


imageresize(any name,string width,[string height,[string interpolation,[number blurFactor]]]):void


The arguments for this function are set. You can not use other arguments except the following ones.
Name Type Required Default Value Description
name any  Yes   The image on which this operation is performed.  
width string  Yes   New width of the image. If this value is blank, the width is calculated proportionately to the height.  
height string  No   New height of the image. If this value is blank, the height is calculated proportionately to the width.  
interpolation string  No highestQuality the interpolation method for resampling. You can specify a specific interpolation algorithm by name (for example, hamming), by image quality (for example, mediumQuality), or by performance (for example, highestPerformance). Valid values are:
  • highestQuality (default)
  • highQuality
  • mediumQuality
  • highestPerformance
  • highPerformance
  • mediumPerformance
  • nearest
  • bilinear
  • bicubic
  • bessel
  • blackman
  • hamming
  • hanning
  • hermite
  • lanczos
  • mitchell
  • quadratic  
  • blurFactor number  No 1 The blur factor used for resampling. The higher the blur factor, the more blurred the image (also, the longer it takes to resize the image). Valid values are 1-10.