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Creates a image.


imagenew([any source,[string width,[string height,[string imageType,[string canvasColor]]]]]):any


The arguments for this function are set. You can not use other arguments except the following ones.
Name Type Required Description
source any  No The source image path, URL, a variable that is read into the new image, or a Java buffered image.  
width string  No The width of the new image. Valid when the height is specified and the source is not.  
height string  No The height of the new image. Valid when the width is specified and the source is not.  
imageType string  No The type of the image to create (Valid only when width and height are specified):
  • rgb
  • argb
  • grayscale  
  • canvasColor string  No Color of the image canvas (The default value is "black"):
  • Hexadecimal value of RGB color. For example, specify the color white as ##FFFFFF or FFFFFF.
  • String value of color (for example, "black", "red", "green").
  • List of three numbers for (R,G,B) values. Each value must be in the range 0-255.